I have the vest on as I write this.
The fit is perfect and i just love it! i know already I will be wearing it often as the winter progresses.
- Carolyn Eddy

Gorgeous wool, everyone loves the sweaters!
- Cami

I have never been able to wear wool at all and I can wear these.
- Robbin Hutto

I've bought a couple of your sweaters in the past and LOVE them.
They are the warmest sweaters I have and perfect for a cold day when I'm hunkered inside .....
- Beverley [Robertson]

It's the most wonderful sweater I've ever owned. .... The color is perfect ... Cormo is just luxurious.
- Anne [Phython]

You nailed it with the crew neck!
- Brian [Ambrosich]

The sweater arrived today. It is completely delicious. Beautiful color. So soft. So WARM! Great style......
I will, no doubt, live in it all winter. Also smells wonderful. Many thanks. You have another totally devoted fan!
- [Walker Saville]

I got my sweater today and I love it!
It's so soft and warm, I'm gonna be wearing it every day till summer.
It fits perfectly too.
- Lori [Lange]

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