Last fall when I traveled to the Taos Wool Festival, I discovered a remarkable cormo yarn from Elsa Wool Company.
The simple, pure honesty of her yarns, paired with a buttery softness and delicate texture, enchanted me...
- From the online magazine Knitter's Review, by Clara Parkes

Safe home and already knitting a scarf with the worsted spun lace weight. It is truly lovely!
- Robyn Gallimore, Red Bird Knits, Toronto, Ontario

I'm going to be making this lovely shawl with your bunny soft white Cormo.
- Cassie [Kemp]

L.O.V.E. A very wonderful yarn indeed!
- Tanya [Harkins]

The worsted-spun fingering weight lamb yarn:
I was a bit surprised by how much it resembled woolen-spun- very fluffy and voluminous.
- Rachael [Park]

I keep petting my swatches!
- Liz [Freeman]

The worsted spun white is soft like butter, really a magical yarn!!...I just cant stop touching the yarns,...
- Annelie

Oh wow Elsa, ... it [worsted sport 1750] is soooooooooooo lovely! ....
I am going to start my Hollows shawl with your yarn, I will probably never take it off!!
- Amanda [Eastman]

.... lovely lovely wool [worsted-spun bulky 600]. I've never knit with anything like it ....
I was finally able to dispel my family members fear of all wool as "itchy" when I had them feel this wool!
- Beth Bugosh

I am using ... your worsted [-spun] yarn. I love working with it. It just moves through my fingers like butter.
- Gay [Robinson]

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