woolen-spun yarns

All of my yarns are made from the fine and soft wool of purebred Cormo sheep.
The yarn colors are the actual colors of the fleeces of the sheep (white, black, and gray), and blends of those colors.
White Cormo fleeces are a bright white, not a cream color.
Black and gray fleeces become brown-tipped after exposure to the sun; so the more dark wool in a blend, the more brown the color.
My light grays are warm grays; my medium grays are brownish grays; my dark grays are very brownish grays; my darkest shade (100% dark fleeces) is brown.

Yarns spun in the woolen system are loftier, lighter, stretchier, warmer, more absorbent, and cozier-feeling — but less strong — than yarns spun in the worsted system.
Knitted items that are subjected to abrasion (socks, for example) may be made stronger by knitting tighter, fulling, and / or reinforcing with a strong thread such as nylon or polyester.

Lace weight

Fingering weight, Original

Fingering Weight, Low-Twist

Fingering weight, Lamb Wool

Sport weight

Worsted / Aran weight