heavy gauge hat, tall, cuffed, white

PRICE: $44 / shipping wt. 2.5 oz

FIBER CONTENT: 100% Cormo wool.

FABRIC: Woolen-spun worsted/Aran weight yarn knitted into a thick and open jersey fabric.

STYLE: Mid-weight single-layer cap with an edge that can be rolled or cuffed.
The main part of the hat is a seamless tube. The top is cut-and-sewn into 6 gores.
This hat can be worn close to the head with the bottom cuffed,
or it can be worn with the top slouchy and the edge rolled.
Very breathable, very soft.

CARE: Wash by hand very gently, or soak and spin in a top-loading washing machine.
Care instructions with the hat, and at www.wool-clothing.com > information > wool-care.

heavy-gauge hat

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