Woolen 2-layer jersey/garter neck warmer, white

PRICE: $40 / shipping wt. 3.25 oz

FIBER CONTENT: 100% Cormo wool.

FABRIC: Woolen-spun yarn knit into a very soft 5-gauge jersey and garter stitch.

STYLE: A 10-inch-tall 2-layer jersey tube with garter stitch at the bottom.
Made from a 20-inch-long tube of jersey fabric with garter stitch at each end; the tube is folded inside itself.
This soft, warm, breathable, and very cozy neck warmer is a safe and easy way to protect the neck and face from cold and snow.
Scrunched, it covers the entire neck up to the chin. Pulled up, it will cover the mouth and nose.

CARE: Wash by hand very gently, or soak and spin in a top-loading washing machine.
Care instructions are included with the neck warmer, and are at www.wool-clothing.com > information > wool-care.

woolen 2-layer jersey garter neckwarmer white

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